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The other week I googled "Best shakshuka in Toronto" and came upon the Wish. I've had the dish a few times elsewhere (memorable: Arts Cafe in Montreal), but wanted to see what Toronto had to offer. One of my best friends, Sara, and I attempted to try Wish out last weekend, but failed miserably due to my poor navigation skills and inability to book a reservation (Sorry, Sara!).

But I tried again this weekend with success! This time around, Jill (another good friend of mine) and I got there as soon as the doors opened at 11am. I called the night prior to make a reservation, but they were booked full already.

Nestled away on Charles Street, off of Yonge, Wish is not quite in the Yorkville core. But all you snap-hungry foodies will be glad to hear that its white, shabby-chic aesthetic is as photo worthy as any other Yorkville restaurant.

We didn't manage to get a patio seat, but the food definitely made up for it.

As you can see, my mission to devour a hot dish of shakshuka failed -- it wasn't listed on the menu (or am I just going crazy??)! So I settled for the Charlotte-poached eggs over smoked salmon with leek and parmesan fondue. I wasn't disappointed though: the egg was poached perfectly and the sauce was creamy and delicious -- I could eat a bowl of just that sauce if I didn't want to die of a heart-attack by 25. 

And my god, the potatoes. Perfectly fried and crisp on the outside, loaded with potato goodness on the inside. Jill even ordered a full side of the potatoes, they were that good. Would have liked them spiced a bit more though.

I washed down my meal with a glass of peach nectar. 

Jill, clever one she is, ordered the Challah french toast with blueberries and caramelized bananas. *drools*

Of course I snuck a bite of it. Couldn't resist!

Drizzled with organic maple syrup and dusted with powdered sugar, the french toast was sinfully decadent. I mean, the bananas and blueberries balanced it out though, right?

One thing I must say though, the service was a bit lacking. Rushed to clear our plates before we were done eating. I hate it when they take away your companion's dish first and then you're scrambling to finish your meal.

We finished off our meal with some gelato from Zaza Espresso Bar in Yorkville. I've been there a few times, and the tiramisu flavour is my favourite.

Brunch and gelato: the two things I do best.

P.S. I really wanted to title this post as "Wish (Upon a Star)", but figured I didn't need to subject anyone to that. But does anyone else remember that Katherine Heigl movie?? Man, right in the 90s nostalgia feels.

Serious outfit envy.

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